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Google Glass firmware teardown teases new commands and more

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, October 16th, 2013 With No Comments »

The Google Glass XE10 update arrived a short time back and while there were some new features detailed, it looks like there may have also been some hints as to what was to come. We often see these smaller, or somewhat hidden items discussed shortly after the official release. This happen because the firmware gets torn apart and dissected.


In this case the folks at Android Police are the ones responsible and they are telling the story of some potential new commands, the greater potential for upcoming music support and some eye control. Beginning first with the new commands. These include everything from Call Me A Car to Learn A Song and Start A Bike Ride. Of course, that is just a few of the near 20 commands discovered.

Simply put, it looks like Google is laying the groundwork for much more functionality. The connection here is to existing commands such as ‘Ok Glass’ and even ‘Take Note’ which is for Evernote. Basically, we aren’t sure if these new commands will be new functionality direct from Google, or if they will tie in with apps that have yet to be released or announced. Another command does appear to have a connection to some upcoming functionality from Google though.

That one is Play Music, which has been hinted at in past XE updates. Along with the newly discovered command, there was also what appears to be a layout for music items. In this case the card details aspects such as album art, album name, track name and artist name. There was also a radio icon as well as hints at the basics such as play, next, pause and stop. Needless to say, the radio icon does bring hints of All Access support.

Lastly, the eye control. Here there was mention of a Double Blink. This one is interesting because Google has yet to officially offer support for a single blink. All said and done, this teardown (as we often see) only offers hints as to what may be coming with future update. In the meantime, we still need to wait for the release of the XE11 Google Glass update, which will hopefully bring some deeper meaning to these hints. As always, we will be looking for the next Glass update towards the middle of the month, in this case, mid-November.

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