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Google Glass shown answering your everyday questions

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Tuesday, June 11th, 2013 With No Comments »

It seems the verdict is still out for many when it comes to Google Glass. But with that in mind, a few members of the Google Glass team have recently shared a video that takes a look at some practical use cases. Well, some examples of what you can use Google Glass to search for. Keeping in mind that the same thing can also be done with a smartphone, this video is nice if for no other reason than it is showing Glass being used for something other than a head-mounted camera.


Searching on Glass can be accomplished by a long press on the touchpad (with one finger) and by speaking your question. The one convenience over a smartphone is the process should be quicker using Glass. Anyway, this video is titled 20 Searches [through Glass] and it shows just that — examples of what you can search for using Glass. Some of these are the basics that we have seen demonstrated with a regular Google search.

For example, the video starts off by getting some temperature and currency conversions. Not to mention, a few math problems and and some measurement conversions. Then you have the more practical such as current events and even the odd request such as seeing pictures of Richard Branson in drag (their question, not ours). Glass also appears good for everyday questions such as those useless knowledge types.

End result here, it seems to go without saying that by using Glass you could have those questions answered quicker. But again, this is being compared to pulling your smartphone out of your pocket, unlocking it and then launching a browser and typing in your question. Of course, despite being quicker and in turn a likely convenience, it doesn’t change the fact that Glass is still very expensive at this point in time.

If nothing else, at this point in time is seems as if the Glass developer phase is doing what it should — preparing things for the time when they are available for the average consumer. After all, not only are we learning some real-world use cases, but we are also seeing apps released and shown off. Some of the highlights include the more popular such as Evernote, Facebook and Twitter, however we are also looking forward to seeing more of Sherpa. Not to mention, more convenience types of apps such as the Glass Nestapp that controls your home thermostat.

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