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Google Glass updated to XE10; shows transit info, profile pics, and clickable links

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Monday, October 7th, 2013 With No Comments »

Further building on the momentum of Glass, Google has released the XE10 update for their wearable. Adding a few key features — such as transit information and the ability to see profile pics of contacts you’re conversing with — Google is rolling the update out to explorers and pioneers right now.

Google Glass xe10

Transit directions will allow for users to peer upward and see what’s going on beneath them, as subway and train route information is now displayed on Glass. Google is also noting that buses and streetcars are listed, so any type of public transportation you’re looking for is now accessible. Simply saying “Ok, Glass, get directions to -” will bring up the method of transportation you last used, with the ability to choose an alternate method by simply swiping to the right.

If you’ve ever been halfway through a message, and wondered if you’re talking to the right person, Google has you covered. Glass users will now see profile pics behind the message they’re speaking, so you’ll never have to wonder. Users who find links in tweets or messages will now be able to visit them from Glass as well. Simply tap on the card, and you’ll see a “Visit Site” prompt pop up.

The major feature of XE10 — transportation listings and navigation — is available in select cities, which can be found on the Maps transit page. This brings Glass a bit more mainstream, and is a precursor to the launch, which is scheduled for sometime in 2014.

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