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Google Glass updated to XE6 with improved camera, HDR, and voice actions

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, June 5th, 2013 With No Comments »

While Google Glass still isn’t out and readily available to the public, not to mention seeing heavy criticism for the privacy aspect of things, the Mountain View company is still updating it rather quick. Google vowed to deliver monthly updates for Glass, and as expected, last night they pushed out XE6 to all you Glassees with tons of camera enhancements.


We received the new update on our own set last night, but Google also posted all of the details and what to expect over on Google+ at their +Project Glass page. The focus was on better photos, as well as using voice for photo captions, and a few other small improvements. Now all we need is another pair, and maybe some better battery life.

The update to XE6 actually brings some pretty incredible improvements to the camera as a whole. Just a few software tweaks and users are taking much improved photos, lighting is seriously noticeably better, and they’ve added HDR mode and more. Now you can take a low light photo that will actually turn out great, and Glass will even prompt you to add a caption should you choose. Here’s a quick sample


While photos were the majority of the update Google confirms that head-on detection was improved, and it added better support for Sports and birthday cards in Google Now. Then Google mentions several bug fixes and performance improvements, but nothing specifically. Last month they fixed a lot of bugs, this month the focus was on that camera.

For even more details and tons of before/after pictures post update hit the +Project Glass link above for all the details direct from Google.

VIA: SlashGear

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