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Google may be working on a consumer version of Glass for release in 2014

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, October 16th, 2013 With No Comments »

As the Google Glass Explorer program trucks along, we’re left to look forward to what Glass has in store for us. Those early adopters are the brave frontiersmen (and women!) for what cold be a true revolution in mobile computing. While the actual Google Glass headset is a bit of a beta device, the interface and ecosystem continue to press forward.


In an interview with MIT Technology Review, Google X Labs Display Division leader Mary Lou Jepsen spoke in code about Google Glass, suggesting we may see a different version for the consumer market. Calling the current device the “Ford Model T”, she likened it to a progressive move in the right direction, just like the car.

She also noted that the device itself wasn’t the whole story, and eluded to a smartwatch. Though nothing official has come to light regarding a Google smartwatch, it’s clear that something is happening behind the scenes. We’ve also seen evidence that Samsung is working on a wearable device, which could be the consumer version of Glass.

Like smartphones did when the iPhone came out, wearables will change. Google Glass is well crafted and beautifully designed, but it can improve. The device, as it currently sits, is a poor option for consumers. It’s light and comfortable, but also really delicate. If anything, Mary Lou Jepsen only confirmed what we’ve long suspected in that Glass is a means to a greater end.

What she did strongly suggest is that we may end up seeing the fruits of the X Labs’ labor sometime next year, which coincides with all the news we’ve heard about Google Glass launching for consumers. While we’ve got no evidence to nail down a solid date, or even final device specs, it looks more and more like Glass will hit our face in 2014.

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