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Google Now wallpapers in full-size available now for all

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Tuesday, June 18th, 2013 With No Comments »

We’ve talked about Google Now countless times here at Android Community. It being one of the best features in mobile as of late, and certainly on Android. However, many users have asked time and time again how they can get the stock official Google Now wallpapers and make them their background. There’s been countless 3rd party options, but today we have the real deal.

Image 8775428119_df56a550d0_z-540x337.jpg

The creative artist behind the actual backgrounds for Google Now, Brent Couchman, has uploaded his artwork in full-size to his Flickr account. Which will allow users to see all of his artwork, not just Google Now backgrounds, and get a much larger version for those HD smartphones we all have these days.

Obviously being on Flickr these are his official works of art, and are pretty awesome to say the least. Being on Flickr they are Copyrighted and such, but you can get full-sized 1680 x 1050 versions and more to use as you desire. The account has more than just a few Google Now wallpapers too, so give them all a look.

For more details and to get them yourself you’ll want to head to the flickr link below. Google Now has been improving steadily and I’ve always loved these wallpapers. It appears that not everything we see came from Brent, otherwise he just hasn’t uploaded them all to his Flickr account. Good stuff, this is one more way to rock your Android in style. Let us know if you like them in the comments below.

SOURCE: Flickr
VIA: Google+

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