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Google Play Games services augmented with new developer tools

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Thursday, October 10th, 2013 With No Comments »

Mobile gaming is serious business and things are probably about to get even more serious as we move towards games season. It’s no coincidence then that Google has now release three new features on their Google Play Games platform that will give game developers additional tools to help improve their masterpieces.


Last May, Google launched the Google Play Games services as a means to help entice game developers to create games for Android and to combat the growing dominance of the iOS Game Center in the mobile gaming market. The collection of API and services offer the usual convenience features such as cloud-based game saving that sync across devices, achievement systems, leaderboards, and multiplayer features that will lessen the burden on developers so that they could instead focus on their goal of making a blockbuster game.

Google has now added new features that will let developers monitor more closely user activities to aid them in tweaking the performance and features of their games. For example, game developers can now see in the Google Play Developer Console statistics such as Google sign-ins, achievements, and scores. The console also features new alerts that inform developers of possible errors in code or in processes and offer links to help solve the issue when applicable. And lastly, Google has also increased the allotted storage space for cloud saves to 1MB per user, per game, up from the original 512KB.


All these new features are available on the Google Play Developer Console, although the increased cloud save storage won’t take effect until October 14. Google Play Games services is available not only for Android but for iOS and web-based games as well, helping developers make truly cross-platform games.

SOURCE: Google

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