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Google Play Glass Boutique support teased in recent web update

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Tuesday, July 16th, 2013 With No Comments »

Google recently updated the Play Store web interface and along with the redesign came hints of Google Glass support. Basically if you visit the web version of the Play Store you are now able to choose Google Glass from the drop-down menu. While Google has yet to mention this change specifically, it does provide some evidence that suggests a merge may be coming soon.


At this point Google Glass users have to visit a special portal to install apps. The process isn’t extremely difficult, but you do have to launch the My Glass app and take care of everything from there. Having the Google Glass apps available (for installation) by way of the regular Play Store seems like it would just bring a new level of convenience.

The catch here, in addition to not hearing anything from Google on this topic — the option to select Google Glass is still grayed-out. Simply put, it looks like things are lining up, but not quite ready for primetime just yet. Still, the hints are nice to see. Looking back we also saw some hints dealing with a Google Glass Boutique app store not all that long ago.


The talk of the boutique app store came earlier in the month with the Google Glass XE7 update. That update added some notable features including a web browser as well as improvements for voice controls, however the hints that came along with were almost just as exciting.

Those earlier hints from the XE7 update touched on a special version of the Play Store for just Glassware apps. But similar to this, we weren’t seeing anything functional just yet. Bottom line here, while it looks like Google is starting to put the pieces together it also looks like we are going to have to wait for a future update that actually connects the dots and makes this all functional.

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