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Google Play Movies & TV app update brings new layout and design

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Thursday, June 27th, 2013 With No Comments »

The Google Play Movies & TV app has recently been updated. This one doesn’t appear to be a big update in terms of new features, however it does bring the app in line with the new layout we have seen Google rolling out for the other Play apps. Not to mention, a few other small changes that may or may not be welcomed.

Image play-movies-540x263.jpg

Google has said they have rolled out a “new layout and visual design.” Basically this means things such as the new style slide-out navigation bar and a card-like design. While this side of the new layout and design sounds good enough, that did bring the other small change some will dislike. That other change deals with your personal videos.

All of your personal videos remain, however they are not quite as easy to see as they were in the past. Instead of seeing Movies, TV Shows and Personal Videos — the latter is now hidden in the overflow menu. Google talked about this in the changlog as sort of a matter of fact change but it does appear to be confusing some users.

A quick scan of the Play Store comments from those who have updated have them sounding a bit confused. In fact, there are at least a few comments from users who think they can no longer access any of their personal videos. Then there are those who are simply bothered by Google hiding the personal videos in that overflow menu.

The final item in the changelog for this update mentioned Watch Now. This one is simple and basically just provides the user with quicker access to items Google feels you are “likely” to watch next. With that, the latest Google Play Movies & TV app is currently available in the Play Store.

SOURCE: Google Play Store

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