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Google Play Music App Updated With New Features And Galaxy S3 Bug Fixes

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Thursday, January 31st, 2013 With No Comments »

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The Google Play Music app was updated yesterday to version 4.5.9, bringing with it some interesting new features and a strange bug fix affecting Galaxy S3 users out there.

As part of the new features, users can now expect to be able to enjoy continuous playback of playlists longer than 25 tracks as well as new default cover art. In addition, the app now allows users to shuffle an entire album, playlist, or collection of artist’s songs. Pinning progress (adding the song(s) to your device’s storage) can also be seen in album and playlist screens. It appears the widget has been updated as well with a “previous” button now visible from your homescreen.

Along with the update is a fix for Galaxy S3 users that previously saw the app strangely crashing on your devices.

If you haven’t yet really taken advantage of hosting your entire music library in the cloud and streaming it from any desktop pc or Android device because you are Canadian, check out Engadget’s how-to page here. Everyone I recommended the tutorial to has been able to get it up and working.

Unfortunately, the Google Play Music store is not yet available to Canadians, so there is still no way for us to purchase new songs.


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