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Google Play Music, Movies and TV updated with Chromecast support

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, July 24th, 2013 With No Comments »

Google didn’t just announce the new Nexus 7 today at their event, they also announced a brand new unheard of device called the Chromecast. Being able to instantly “cast” and stream YouTube, Netflix, music, Google Chrome tabs and more all from any device to our TVs. It’s an awesome little accessory, available today, and apps are already getting updated with full Chromecast support.


The Chromecast was announced today by Google, and is already available on the Google Play Store. Conveniently it is also on Amazon, and a few lucky users have been able to pick one up today at Best Buy locations around the US. So while most of you don’t have it yet, the $35 device is an impulse buy and all of your apps will already work when you get it.

Today Google has already updated Google Play Music, as well as their Play Movies & TV apps to fully support the Chromecast device. YouTube received an update today, but the changelog doesn’t mention it. However, there’s no reason to think that main feature won’t work out of the gate.

Lumia 1020 WP_20130724_11_15_57_Pro

Google Music also received some bug fixes, and context menu’s now will be easier to tap with your finger as they’ve increased the target size for those having issues. Then Movies received some good stuff aside from Chromecast too. Virtual surround sound has been added, syncing of the “watch now” across all devices, and of course more bug fixes. Get em both from the links below, and enjoy the new Chromecast. We already ordered a few.

Play Music link
Play Movies & TV link

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