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Google Play problems plague many users, no word yet from Google

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Thursday, October 3rd, 2013 With No Comments »

It seems that quite a number of users are reporting to be experiencing some issues with the Google Play Store app on their devices. The problems, however, don’t seem to be affecting all users in all regions and Google has yet to make any statement, or even an acknowledgment, about it.


Users have started reporting a few hours ago that they were having problems with the Google Play service, particularly, its Android app store. The issues ranged from not being able to download, install, or update apps, to problems with Google Play app itself.

The issue and those who are affected seem to be quite random, as it does not happen on all Android devices. While it seems that most of the reports are coming from the US, on any of the major carriers, not everybody in that region is experiencing the same troubles.

This isn’t the first time the service has experienced issues, with the last big one happening last August, and it will most likely not be the last. Still, given the growing number of affected users, it would be reassuring if Google even acknowledged the issue as they did in the previous bug. We’ll just hope that they’re just too busy fixing the issues to make a statement, or a support ticket, right now.

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