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Google Play Store “Package File Invalid” bug acknowledged, cause being investigated

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, August 14th, 2013 With No Comments »

A few days ago, an update to the Google Play Store app started hitting devices. While majority of the updates went smoothly, a good number of users have reported hitting on a bug affecting some apps after the update. Google has now issued a statement acknowledging the issue as well as its plans to address it.


The latest Play Store update didn’t have major changes to the app’s functionality and design. It added a “Recently updated” section to the Installed apps page, collated all updated app notifications into a single notification, and made some other cosmetic changes in some sections. But apparently, it also brought in a bug that is plaguing many users.

After updating Play Store, some users have reported getting a “Package File Invalid” error when updating some apps. Not all apps are affected by the issue and not all users are receiving the error message on those apps. Nonetheless, it has generated enough reports that Google has created a ticket in its support page acknowledging the existence of the bug.

There is currently no solution yet and Google says there are no workarounds for it. They are investigating the issue and will keep the support page updated with the latest developments. If you’re one of those experiencing the bug, you might want to bookmark the link below and keep an eye on it.

SOURCE: Google Support

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