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Google Play will stop paying Argentine developers

Posted In News - By DailyAndroidNews on Sunday, June 23rd, 2013 With No Comments »

Suddenly and without warning, Google Play has canceled their payments in Argentina. Starting next June 27 will not pay Google developers as the company told the Argentine professionals discharged from Google Play, that from that date may only offer free apps on Play Store.

These developers have until that date to eliminate the collection of their applications. Otherwise, it will be Google who removed himself paid apps from their store.

The unexpected news came to developers through an email in which explanations for this decision were conspicuous by their absence. In addition, the message reached inboxes of those affected on Friday May 24 at 20:00, unusual for this type of notice, no doubt deliberately chosen to downplay the news.


What happened to Google to make that decision? ’s first suspicions are aimed at Argentina’s monetary policy.

Apparently, the evidence could be found in the Google cache. Gizmodo has been researching in Android Developer , where we can observe that three weeks ago, on May 7, 2013, Argentina continued in the list of supported locations, while the current list , Argentina and does not appear anywhere. However, three weeks ago, contained an asterisk in the name of Argentina, whose explanation was:


Until then, the income of this type were recorded as ‘ad revenue’, so Google already indicated to the Argentine to be creating an AdSense account to receive payments . And at the point after a foreboding message: if the location of the developer is not in the list of the countries listed, it will not be possible to send the payments .

And so it has. Google believes that developers pay to Argentina involves too many ‘challenges’ due to government monetary policies. Thus concludes the explanation of Google’s support site .

In summary, we could say that for Google, Argentina is no longer a country where it is feasible to use Google Wallet . So now you can send applications to Play Store only be free. The only solution for those affected developers will open an account in another country, with Brazil and Mexico more options “close”. No doubt, a controversial decision that probably hurt the image of the brand in the country.

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