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Google Provides Details Of Security Enhancements For Android 4.2

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Friday, February 15th, 2013 With No Comments »

Android Security

As the smartphone craze rages on, one issue that is becoming more and more prevalent is phone security.  Not only can your device be stolen and all your personal information with it (there’s some really creepy commercial I keep seeing lately highlighting this) but your phone can also be a target of different sorts of malware and virus’.  The latter security issue has especially been a hot topic, particularly in the Android sector due to the vast openness of the system.

Google has definitely been responding to these cries over the past few iterations of Android and now as Android 4.2 trickles out to the world, Google has provided details of all the new security enhancements it has implemented.  I am not in the least any sort of developer or coder so reading the document was like reading a foreign language.  If, however, you do understand all of this information, perhaps you’d be interested to take a read through Google’s post.  Check it out in the link below.

But my best advice is to simply be careful of what you download and if you are downloading from the Play Store, read the comments first!  If there’s anything fishy in the app, someone has probably already found it.

[Android Developer Blog]

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