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Google Shopper app closing on August 30

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Monday, July 29th, 2013 With No Comments »

The Google Shopper app for Android hasn’t received much attention lately. According to the Play Store listing the last update was back in May. And even with that, the update only consisted of some unspecified UI enhancements and performance improvements. That being said, it looks like that may end up being the last update.


Google has announced the Shopper app will be shutting down on August 30th. The news comes by way of the Google Commerce Blog where they are talking about how they want to “create a better, more consistent shopping experience across all devices.” In an effort to make that happen, the dedicated Shopper app will be going away.

The key though, while the app is going away, the service isn’t. In fact, Google has said that moving forward Android users will be able to use the Google Search app. Or alternatively, you can also get Shopper related information by searching directly on Google or by visiting the website from any browser.

Shopping will continue to provide results to include price comparison, product images, details and reviews. Users will also be able to shop while on the go and search to find local availability. Google has said Shopping now has more than a billion products listed from more than 100,000 sellers — of which 10,000 new merchants and marketplaces have been added in just the previous 90 days.

Bottom line here, it looks like Google is just dropping something that is no longer really necessary. Needless to say, we suspect a few Shopper app users will be disappointed with this news. If you happen to fall into that category, make sure you get your fill before the end of August and otherwise, you may want to start getting used to the alternative to avoid the instant shock of switching come the end of next month.

VIA: Fierce Mobile

SOURCE: Google Commerce Blog

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