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Google+ Sign-In Coming To Your Android Phone

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Thursday, February 28th, 2013 With No Comments »

Yesterday Google launched Google Services 3.0 for Android, promising a new Google+ Sign-In feature for 3rd-party apps. Google+ Sign-In works just like how some apps allow you to set up accounts with your Facebook or Twitter profile. For apps that integrate this new feature, you’ll of course be able to share content from the app to your circles.


One of the first apps to integrate Google+ Sign-In is the popular music service TuneIn Radio. The update arrived last night and allows listeners to sign in using their Google+ profile, adding the ability to share info about what we’re listening to with followers or circles.

As part of the initiative, you may have noticed a sneaky little Google Settings app suddenly appear in your app drawer (trust me, take a look). It’s strange that Google didn’t really provide details announcing the app, but it does appear to be necessary to be on your phone for this new Google+ sign in feature to work. It doesn’t seem to be very useful otherwise as it only provides links to the settings pages of various Google apps, already installed on your phone. Expect more to come in this app however as Google moves forward with Google+ sign-in.


Check out the video Google released yesterday about Google Services 3.0 for Android:

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