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Google Swaps WebKit Out With Blink To Power Chrome

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Thursday, April 4th, 2013 With No Comments »

crGoogle has announced today that they will be dropping WebKit, the engine that has been running Chrome, for a new open source system named Blink. On the Chromium Blog Google software engineer Adam Barth says the decision to make the switch to blink was difficult but outlines several reasons why they ultimately made that choice

Adam Barth explains that Chrome already was using a different architecture than other WebKit based browsers and that the increased complexity was slowing down progress. Blink itself is based on WebKit but it will allow for a simpler code base that Barth says will spur more innovation.

Initially Barth suggests they will be able to remove 7 build systems and delete more than 4.5 million lines of code in over 7’000 files leading to a healthier codebase and increased stability. A major focus of this shift is to improve the health of the open web ecosystem and promote innovation. Google will be working closely with other browser vendors to keep the web moving forward and preserve compatibility, setting strong guidelines for new features ensuring a consistent web experience.

You can read the full announcement here on the Chromium Blog and also check out the project page to read up on Blink.

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