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Google tipped to be testing “local news cards” for Google Now

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 With No Comments »

Google is reportedly busy experimenting with a new “hyper-local news card” that will make their already impressive Google Now service even better. As you all know, we’re huge fans of Google Now, and this is just one more upcoming feature that will make it better than ever. Tips suggest their new local news card will search for and find location-specific information and deliver it right to the user, before they ask for it.


Google Now already gives us nearby stores and restaurant information, driving and travel estimates, and all sorts of things. And this is the next step. Adding location-based info for nearby store promotions, social gatherings or activities, or even breaking news. As we all know, Google Now uses a combo of location, machine-learning, and special algorithms to deliver the user different Cards.

Apparently this is just one of many new cards that are currently being tested by Google as a part of their new “Explore” experience for Google Now, which was confirmed by their VP of search and assist sector, Johanna Wright. According to Quartz this new service will be “very, very targeted to you and your interests.” Sounds pretty awesome right. I rely on Google Now plenty as it is, this will only make things worse. Or better, depending on how you’re looking at things.

You’ll be able to learn about news around you, and they even mention some very specific things during their interview with Wright. Although I’m not sure I’d like to hear the “bad news” from my area, but that’s just me. Google Now has been pretty awesome thus far, and we’re hoping to see this arrive sometime soon, possibly with the Moto X launch tomorrow.


Another thought is how something as detailed and specific as local news cards could also be integrated into Google Glass. Getting up to the minute location-based news and information delivered directly to your ear, or eyes, all using Google Glass and Now. That’s the future! Google Now is slowly but surely becoming the center of our phones, and we’re loving it.

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