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Google+ turns 2, looking all grown up

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Friday, June 28th, 2013 With No Comments »

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Even though it feels like just last month that Google+ launched, today it turned two years old. It’s hard to believe, we know, but the social network is starting to look all grown up. Two years ago we met Google’s second attempt at a social network, and it has continued to increase in popularity, features, and additions to what we see and enjoy today.

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Google’s own Vic Gundotra shared the news this morning on Google+ itself, and had a few kind words to say about its progress, and the future of the social network. I know I had my doubts at first, and at times it still feels like a network full of Android enthusiasts only. Things are looking up, and Google is rapidly adding features, integrating YouTube, and the Play Store among other things.

The folks from Google have been extremely busy with the social network, and just at Google I/O announced over 41 new features. Things like a vastly improved photo experience, and they’ve recently added cross-device sync to Android.

The same way we can sign in and get social with Facebook and Twitter through apps, is now available for Google+, and all these changes are only the beginning. According to Vic G+ is still in its infancy, and they have tons planned. Only taking a very quick break today to celebrate two successful years, then they’ll get back to their efforts.

Between adding Google Hangouts for an awesome chat experience on all devices, improving the image and photography experience, bringing games and communities and more, things are only looking up. Vic closes his small comment by saying, “So let’s keep building something to love. Together.” As of today, Google+ is the second social network behind Facebook, and recently passed Twitter, so keep on rocking.

And with that. Happy Birthday Google+! Facebook is in your sights, keep up the good work! Oh and don’t forget to circle your favorite Android site (us, of course) at +AndroidCommunity.

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