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Google’s Larry Page talks bathroom Glass use

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Friday, June 7th, 2013 With No Comments »

Google Glass privacy concerns are not exactly a new topic. We have seen countless issues raised and even some locations placing a ban on using Glass. With that in mind, Google CEO Larry Page has spent some time addressing such concerns from investors during a recent shareholders meeting. Basically, it doesn’t seem as if Page is all that concerned.


Page spoke about how “people worry about all sorts of things that actually, when we use the product, it is not that big a concern.” There is one location where people seem especially nervous about Glass — public restrooms. In fact, one investor called Glass a “voyeur’s dream come true.” Given that, Page also touched on the topic and compared the use of Glass to the use of a smartphone.

“You don’t collapse in terror that someone might be using Glass in the bathroom just the same as you don’t collapse in terror when someone comes in with a smartphone that might take a picture.”

Getting out of the bathroom but staying on the topic of privacy and the other issue that people seems worried about is facial recognition. Looking back, Google recently said they would not be approving any facial recognition Glassware apps right now. Otherwise, while some seemed concerned about using Glass to capture and share images — some are helping that happen.

A few recently launched apps have arrived by way of Facebook and Twitter, both of which allow for easy sharing of images. Well, easy sharing provided your Glass happens to have network connectivity at the moment. In the end, this is a new technology and concerns should probably be expected.

It seems the real question should be how long it will take before these concerns begin to settle and work themselves out. In the meantime, Page also spoke about how he loves using Google Glass and that the company has “gone through some pains” when it comes to safeguarding people’s privacy.

SOURCE: Yahoo Finance (AP)

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