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Having Android on TV: Pros and Cons

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Having Android on TV: Pros and Cons


Android was born as an operating system focused on mobile devices Google’s hand. It makes use of Linux as the basis for a number of services and applications that allow you to enjoy telephony features and applications, perfect for a smartphone are added.

However from your Android home has evolved too much too quickly and is already used in all kinds of devices: watches , tablets, different types of appliances and are even coming to TV in the form of sticks HDMI or as a small set-top box . But what advantages we have assumed Android on TV ? And what are the disadvantages?


Turning TV Smart TV, Android on TV

Most TVs sold today reach the market labeled as SmartTV , but there is a common platform for them, that is, each has its own TV SmartTV system with its features and application ecosystem.las-mejores-apps-de-tv-para-android_1_1798227[1]

In a way each manufacturer is making war on their side and that is where a platform like Android offers a number of applications and services on your TV equivalent way as in smartphones.

Each brand, read Samsung, LG and Sony – for example, has its own app store SmartTV and provide common basic services such as web browsing, access to YouTube, Facebook or Twitter but going a step further, each has its applications and games.

If you have a smart TV without functionality or want to have greater connectivity or services as you’re used to your mobile phone on your TV, Android is a good choice.


Benefits of using Android on your TV

Here we make a small digression as we can from two quite different cases. TVs or TVs without any SmartTV including SmartTV and obviously differences or advantages to enjoy Android will be lower in the latter case that already covers a number of basic applications.

The first advantage is that they inherit the ecosystem of applications from Google, and not talking about thousands of applications, but millions of applications available for Android and would be available right on your TV.


With applications we also mean access to social networking , video and, of course, games . The possibilities offered by Android mobile are endless and enjoy these devices with Android (Stick HDMI or set-top box) on your TV are, in short, the same.

The sticks HDMI port only require a HDMI and power to operate, which in many cases can be taken even from a USB TV. These devices come to be a smartphone that has been removed from the screen and the phone section, and it is clear that many models as there are still traces of this section in the software.

Interface, applications, games and power

The main advantage of Android is that the user interface is simple and intuitive and the system works very smoothly compared to the limitations that are application developers to TVs. The hardware integrated on TVs is basic compared to market Android sticks.

Technology ARM has advanced with giant steps and while TVs and next-generation quad-core chips integrate the generation of last year make use of mono-core or dual-core chips in the best and better not watch beyond. In fact Samsung launched the first Evolution Kit to upgrade their hardware generation TV last year.

Besides the difference in performance, the hardware of the Android devices “only” have to manage their land and not take on the functions of TV so the power is also better utilized.

These two facts limit the possibilities when developing applications or games, which are in most cases as fairly primitive applications. The games have predefined movements and have nothing to do with what a user experience on a smartphone.


Another point to consider is the control system for games as a TV have to deal with a remote control that traditional TV is not optimized for it, or at least not in all cases (The Magic Control of LG is one of the exceptions) In Android, the solutions Stick HDMI or Set-top box, you can use any bluetooth control console market, including Dual-Shock for PS3 or a Wii-Mote, besides the control integrating the Android system itself and even handle through the touch screen mobile (which already include the latest generation TVs).

We also have to mention that the appliance make games goes far beyond Android games and platform that Google exists OnLive to play PC games via streaming and there are also emulators and mythical able to access arcade games, consoles of years and endless games of MAME , NeoGeo,SNES and more.

We also emphasize the feeling of unlimited time to enjoy the possibilities Internet without any limitation.

You can access any web page without memory problems suffered by some web browsers built into the TV if you walk into any web or Flash loaded. You have Chrome, Firefox or Dolphin as web browsers that allow you to navigate quickly and as if you did in your mobile.

Complete multimedia experience

No need to wait for some developer launch an application for your TV, since Android is one of the main focuses of current development, you will have access to virtually any web service, including streaming, due to the weight of Android on the market.

In addition we will also have the ability to play multimedia content, either our local or network devices from USB enjoying virtually full compatibility thanks to Android apps like MX Player, VLC , Plex or XBMC.

In particular we want to comment on this point that XBMC as a powerful media manager with a refined appearance plays a key role. Centre XBMC can manage your movie collection, series, videos, music and photos with a visual format that we can easily manage .

So you can access via Wi-Fi ( DLNA or Samba) to your computer, NAS or via USB to the hard disk on which you store your multimedia and display the contents with your cover, synopsis and even able to search by player collection principal or subject.


We may also take advantage of streaming music solutions like Spotify , watch videos from YouTube in full screen HD and other online video services.

In short we can say that with Android on your TV you have access to the entire ecosystem of apps you can have on your smartphone or tablet directly on TV. Is a substantial improvement if your TV does not have SmartTV system and a significant improvement in usability and versatility in case your TV is more modern and include SmartTV.

Android on TV, all is not gold that glitters

In this section we want to point out some problems that we are facing this type of solution. Android is an operating system clearly focused to a touch interaction mode and it’s not TV.

The interface is not adapted or screens as large – physically speaking (because there are phones with resolutions Full HD) – nor did we find a mode as fluid as expected interaction.

In fact, thanks to the availability of phones with this resolution, we are seeing how it goes solving one of the problems of these options on the TV. We’re talking about not only the adaptation of the interface to these resolutions but also applications, which now largely shown with high resolution graphics and happen to use rescaled using native resolution, however, this process takes time and still see applications that are not optimized for resolution 720p interface / 1.080p.


Another point to consider is the need to resort to using remotes to control the system . Android on these devices is, in most cases the same as we have on the phone, so it is not optimized for this type of control system. Android has a “drawer” where all applications are a blow touch finger and neither thought nor standardized interface type TV. Every Android device makes war for his part in this and recommend to study this in detail before purchase.

In fact, Google’s first steps on the TV did not arrive as Android TV but as Google TV integrated search and digital content that looks like it has finally been ruled by Google and rumors of a new solution based on Android system are heard , Nexus TV .

As recommended at the time of purchase an Android TV we advise you to carefully analyze the use you will give mainly the device and spare not to choose a system that comes together with a remote versatile and comfortable for the main use that you should bear it. In fact, there are models that have a remote with keyboard QWERTY , touch area and even commands that work in a similar way to a WiiMote.


If you’re using Android operation or know know what you bring to your Android TV, however, we recommend that when decantarte by either device you consider the possibilities of control over it. A command that is versatile and comfortable is the extra pay that deserve a little more.

Android on TV is a good bet in general that lets you capitalize on your TV and multimedia system console device web navigation performance and a similar flow to you get a generation smartphone but always knowing that it is not a system created for the TV.

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