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Here’s A List Of The Official Galaxy S IV Accessories

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, April 17th, 2013 With No Comments »

GS4 Flip Covers

The Galaxy S IV is almost here!  Well that is if the carriers are able to hold true to their proposed April 26 shipping date.  It’s still much sooner than I thought it would be so even if it’s delayed a bit I’m not overly concerned.

Anyway…we now have a list of the official Galaxy S IV accessories that will be available in the near future.  To begin with, there will be three types of official covers that will be available for Samsung’s next flagship.  The Flip Cover and Protective Cover+ are not new ideas as we saw these covers available for the Galaxy S III and Note II.  The flip covers will come in Black Mist, White Frost, Light Blue, Pink, Green, Orange and Yellow and will cost $39.00 USD.  The Protective Cover+ will be available in White, Navy, Green, Blue and Pink and will cost $29.99 USD.

The new addition to the group is the S View Flip Cover.  This is nearly identical to the flip cover but has a small window at the top that will allow you to view basic things such as the date, time, battery, signal strength as well as more important things like text messages and incoming calls.  You’ll actually be able to accept/reject calls straight from the window meaning you don’t have to fumble around with flipping the cover open to catch that important call!  This cover also has an Auto Wake-Up function so that you don’t need to swipe to unlock each time you flip it open.  This cover is a little pricier than the basic flip cover at $59.99 USD.

The only other accessory currently listed that is unique to the SIV is the Spare Battery Charging System.  This too is something we saw on the SIII and Note II.  It’s a extra battery/charging dock combo that will allow you to charge the phone and spare battery at the same time.  The nice thing is the extra battery is included and the whole combo is only going to cost $49.99 USD.

There’s also a whole bunch of older accessories that will be compatible with the Galaxy S IV listed below so feel free to take a look at those if you’re interested.

GS4 Flip View Cover

Unique Accessories

Flip Cover

Samsung’sFlip Cover enhances the look and feel of the Galaxy S 4with a stylish front cover andsnap-on back. By replacing the phone’sback cover, the Flip Covermaintainsthe thin profile of the Galaxy S 4.Seven vibrant colors allow usersto customize their Galaxy S 4for any occasion or outfit. Colors includeBlack Mist, White Frost, Light Blue, Pink, Green, Orangeand Yellow.($39.99)

S View Flip Cover

Similar in design to the Flip Cover, the S View Flip Cover brings both form and function to the Galaxy S 4.Through a clear window at the top of the cover, users can viewthe date and time,devicebattery life status, read text messages, and answeror reject calls with the cover closed. The convenient Auto Wake-Up function also activates upon opening the cover, eliminating the need to swipe to unlock or switch onthe screen manually. Available colors: BlackMist, White Frost. ($59.99)

Protective Cover+

TheProtective Cover+ fits snugly overthe back and sidesof the Galaxy S 4, protectingagainst bumps, scratchesand falls.The cover also gives users an enhanced grip of their device and is easy to attach. Colors includeWhite, Navy, Green, Blue and Pink.($29.99)

Spare Battery Charging System 

The Spare Battery Charger ensures Galaxy S 4users always have a freshlycharged battery on-hand. The compact, stylish design ensures safe portability when not in use and an LED light on the front indicates when the battery is fully charged.Spare 2600mAh battery, battery charging standand wall chargerareincluded.($49.99)


AllShare Cast Wireless Hub™

AllShare Cast Wireless Hub allowsusers to wirelessly share content with anynearby HDTV or HDMI®display. AllShare Cast Hub pairs quicklyto any premium HDMI-capable TVto transmit pictures, videos and music to a large screen, all while controlling the action from the smartphone. Compatible devices includeGalaxy S 4,Galaxy Note 8.0, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II and Galaxy Note 10.1.($99.99)

Smart Dock

Smart Dock turns a Samsung Galaxy S 4 or Galaxy Note IIinto a true desktop computing device. Using a large screen monitor, keyboard and mouse,userscan surf the Web, update asocial network status, respond to emails and even edit documents and presentations. There is no need to sync to a PC or manage multiple devices. The dock is equipped with three USB inputs, anHDMI output and a 3.5 mm output for stereo speakers.($99.99)

Universal Multimedia Desktop Dock

The Universal Multimedia Desktop Dock hasa compactdesignwith pop-up micro USB portthat also folds flat for ease and portability. The dock can simultaneously charge aSamsung smartphone while users listento music throughanexternalspeaker. Smartphones can also be docked while housed in aSamsungFlip Cover or S View Flip Cover.Compatible devices include Galaxy S 4, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Rugby Pro, GalaxyVictory 4G, Galaxy Exhilarate and Galaxy Express.($49.99)

Universal Vehicle Navigation Mount

The Samsung Vehicle NavigationMounthas a slim design that will grip most smartphoneswith screen sizes between 4.0 and5.5 inches,with orwithout a case. The dockfeatures a strong gear-locking mechanism which securely grips your phone, andfull 360-degree rotationis provided for quick portrait-to-landscape viewing. Thevehicle dock is an ideal solution for hands-free calling or satellite navigation with your phone.Car charger is included. ($49.99)

MHL 2.0 HDTV Adapter

The HDTV adapterallows users to share pictures and videos on any high definition TV or computer monitor. Compatible devices include Galaxy S 4, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II and Galaxy Note 8.0.($39.99)

Universal Battery Pack

This 9000mAh battery pack will charge a smartphone up to three times and a tablet once, providing true portable power on the go. Compatible devices include Galaxy S 4, Galaxy Note 8.0, Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0), Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1), and Nexus 10, the new tablet from Google™. ($79.99)

HS-330 Headphones

Galaxy S 4 users can listen to their favorite music and video content right out of the box with a pair of HS-330 Headphones. These headphones deliver high-fidelity, balanced audio through dual bass and treble speakers. In addition, the ergonomic design ensures an easy, comfortable fit, while the tangle-resistant cable and convenient mini remote allows users to adjust volume, skip music tracks and answer/end phone calls. The HS-330 headphones are also compatible with the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II. ($29.99)

HM3300 Bluetooth®Headset 

The HM3300 is a compact, stylish Bluetooth headset that supports NFC for tap-to-pair easy coupling. The sleek, glossy metallicfinish compliments Samsung smartphone designs. Features include HD voice, audio streamingand voice prompts in six languages. ColorsincludeTitan Gray, Marble White and Pebble Blue.($49.99)

Galaxy Muse™

Galaxy Muse is a portable music player designed to complement Galaxy smartphones and free users from the hassle of PC music management. With Galaxy Muse, active users can sync their music directly from their Galaxy S4,Galaxy Note II. ($49.99)


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