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Here’s Some Images Of The Nexus 5′s Settings Page

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Friday, October 11th, 2013 With No Comments »

Nexus 5 Settings - 1

Thanksgiving weekend is upon us but that doesn’t mean that leaks need to stop!  Today we have a few more pictures of the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 courtesy of TuttoAndroid.  The pictures show off the settings page of the phone/OS and bring to light a few more details of the upcoming device and update.

To begin with, this particular device was running build number KRS92B and Kernel 3.4.0.  The source states that the build will most likely be different on the public device but the Kernel will likely be the same.  He also reconfirms that they have switched from blue to white for the icons at the top (something we’ve already seen).

The settings page overall is the same but as you can see there’s a “Tap & pay” section built into the device.  It would appear that Google is still pushing forward with their mobile payment plan but there’s a good chance that this will not be available world wide, especially at launch.  I do like the idea of being able to pay with my phone though… assuming they make it very secure.

The source also commented to TuttoAndroid on the device itself.  Here’s the Google Translated statement:

It ‘very light, which is usually something “bigger” also weighs more, but this Nexus not, and is slightly higher than the Nexus 4. The design is identical to the leak and specifications are confirmed. The rear part is rubber type.

Hopefully just a couple more days before we get to officially see the device!

Nexus 5 Settings - 3
Nexus 5 Settings - 2
Nexus 5 Settings - 5
Nexus 5 Settings - 4


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