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Hotspotio App lets users trade WiFi and 4G speeds for Facebook likes

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Tuesday, September 24th, 2013 With No Comments »

A brand new app has just arrived on the Google Play Store this afternoon after an initial testing phase earlier this year, and it’s called Hotspotio. What this essentially does is let users share their 4G connection or WiFi hotspot in return for favors or Facebook likes.


It’s an interesting concept, and one we’ll have to watch to see if it catches on. Instead of paying a fee for WiFi in a coffee shop or hotel, imagine just using Hotspotio to sign in and get free high-speed internet. You won’t pay a fee, you’ll just have to like them on Facebook, or share a Tweet about them instead. Not bad right?

The app handles everything so you won’t need to share or try and explain long complicated passwords, and they even claim their system is more secure, which is extremely important when you’re freely sharing WiFi. The point here being Hotspotio will help businesses and users share their network access, and in return ask for hugs, a free beer, or even Facebook likes.

I can just imagine a bartender requiring girls to give him a hug in return for access on their WiFi through Hotspotio. That’s what the company is saying at least, they mention this specifically. These favors or likes can be earned by friends, customers, friends of friends, or even strangers. Anyone who wants to do you a favor, or use your WiFi and 4G LTE. Weird, we know. The app just arrived for Android, and you can try it now for free from the Play Store.


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