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How to block a number on android

Posted In HOW TO DO! - By DailyAndroidNews on Monday, June 24th, 2013 With 1 Comment


Sometimes we do not want certain people or companies call us toll-like about our telephone operators-fixed and certain, or you simply want to block a number on an exact time and temporary.

Thanks to the many application possibilities, options and interaction that allows a mobile operating system as that of Android , block a certain number may be possible in a matter of seconds and in a very simple way.

This time, we will resort to an application that can be found in the App Store this operating system, Google Play. This application is called ‘ Mr. Number-Block calls, texts ’, a very useful application and also free.

Steps To Block Calls Mr. Number

Next, we will show the main options offered by this interesting and useful application. As discussed above, the application will allow you to block any phone number you want. Let’s see what we need to do.


The first thing we will just open the application, is a screen where you have to accept the terms of use and privacy policies of the application, to accept simply give “ OK ”.

Next, we asked that we verify our country through the validation of our mobile phone. First we need to choose the “code of our country” on ‘ COUNTRY CODE ’, then we will see a list of many countries and in our case, choose ‘USA ‘ or the country in which we are.

Anyway, we can do this faster by adding-know-where our country code. For USA, this code is +1 . After adding the country code, we add our phone number.


Now we will get a window in which we provide an application known as ‘skydeck‘ to meet people who like to share photos. We can press ‘Skip’ if we are interested or should be concerned, give ‘Download’.

Focusing on the main interface of the application, we will see a tab ‘ Recent ’ where cruise recent numbers that have called or have called. And in the other, ‘ Blocked History ’, where will the history of numbers that have been blocked.


To start taking advantage, we must give to the icon of  “forbidden” to the right of the magnifying glass. When we give, we will lock the two options that allows us to ‘Mr. Number ‘.

The first option is located on the ‘ Hang Up ’. With it we can do that as the number blocked call us, our phone automatically hang up the call.

As a second option, ‘ Voicemail ’, we have the possibility that the call blocked number, skip to our voice mail in case you only wish that at least that number leave a voice message.


To add a number to block, just click the button ‘ + Hang Up On someone ’ or another tab will give the button’ + Send Someone To Voicemail ’, then we give ‘Enter a Number’.


And here this tutorial. We hope you have been useful and that from now on, do not have to endure annoying phone calls from people or operators who do not wish to call us.

Link | Mr. Number

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    I think that who ever wrote this needs some education. The language and grammar is awful. Can’t understand it.

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