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How to block ads on Android phones

Posted In HOW TO DO! - By DailyAndroidNews on Sunday, October 13th, 2013 With No Comments »

Annoying Pop-up ads can be blocked on your Android phone when you use an ad-blocker application as AndGuard Pro AdBlocker and Adaway. Many applications are ad-blocker designed to block ads embedded applications and Android games. You can find all kinds of ad-blocker applications in the Android Market. Some apps are free and others cost less than USD5 at the time of publication. Decide what you want to use and download the software on your Android phone.

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  1. Open the web browser on your phone. Enter the URL “” in the search bar. Tap the magnifying glass (search button).

  2. Click on the link “Gmail” located near the top of the page. uses information from your Gmail account to enter the Android Market. Enter your user name in the text box “User name”. Enter your password and press “Enter”.
  3. Write the key words “ad blocker” in the search field on the home page. Click the magnifying glass (search button). Look at the list of free apps. Scroll down until you find one that will help prevent pop-ups on your phone.
  4. Press “Install” or “Buy” alongside the name of the ad-blocker app you wish to download to your Android phone. If you want to buy one, you need to write the information in your credit card to make the purchase. Follow the instructions on the website to purchase the application ad-blocker.
  5. Press “OK” and confirm you want to install the application. Follow the instructions on screen to download. When the installation is complete, go to the Applications list and tap the ad-blocker to launch the application.
  6. Follow the application instructions for how to use the software to block pop-up ads. For example, if you use Ad Blocker on your phone, press the icon you want to use, menu appears on your screen. Select “Block” to add the application to the list Ad Block. To remove the application from the list press the “Unlock”.
  7. Go to “Menu” and “Settings” to enable or disable the Ad Blocker. If you want to disable your Internet connection to prevent pop-up ads appear on your phone, press the “Start” and use your fingers to press down an empty area on the Home screen. Select “Add to Home screen menu” and then select “Widgets” and “Network Toggle”. Click the network icon on or off the Internet connection.
  • how to block ads on android phone
  • how to block ads on an android phone

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