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How to block calls on Asus Zenfone 4?

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How to block calls on Asus Zenfone 4?

How to block calls on Asus Zenfone 4 without using an application?

You may want to any phone number will not bother again. Well, this is possible to do so simply if you proceed to block calls on Android using the options, by default, provides the user interface that is used. So you’ll never receive a call or text message from the person using the terminal in question.

If you do not want to perform the processes that offer in this article you can always resort to a third – party application  but obviously this takes up space and may have no interest in having something else installed on your phone or tablet. The case is that we will indicate what has to be done with different layers of customization that exist today (the best known, of course) for block calls on an Android.

Steps to block calls on an Android

Depending on the manufacturer, which has to be done can vary , so you should seek your own Android device. And to begin with , we provide the Nexus itself, because it covers a lot of models on the market that only include any changes in the user interface provided by Google.


  • Open the Phone application and access the call log

  • Select the number to block and click on the icon with three vertical dots

  • Now choose Add to the list of blocked (or similar) numbers


  • Select the Phone application and select the call history

  • Press continuously in the chosen number

  • In the menu that appears select Block Block calls and messages


  • Open the Phone application. Now caller list press the chosen pair you proceed to block calls on an Android

  • Select More at the top right and on the menu that appears Block Number


  • In the application to make calls select the icon with three vertical dots

  • Go to the Settings section and then to reject calls from there in the section Reject calls

  • Click the “+” button and enter the number you want to block


  • To block calls on an Android in a model of this manufacturer, open your Contacts

  • Select the one you want you do not mind most (if not you must create it before)

  • Use the icon with three vertical buttons and select the option All calls are voice

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