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How to create an animated GIF with GIF Camera in Android

Posted In HOW TO DO! - By DailyAndroidNews on Monday, December 23rd, 2013 With No Comments »
Gif camera

Gif Camera

The GIF image format is perhaps one of the most popular that you can find on the Internet, particularly because they are easy to create and usually do not have a very large size. In Android there are several applications that allow you to create animated GIF, although not with the best results. For this tutorial we will use the GIF Camera, implementation available for free on Google Play fair and includes options to quickly create animated GIFs.Make Gif, Funny Gifs, and Gif From Local Album.When the application starts for the first time, we will show the screen with four main options to choose: Make Gif, Funny Gifs, and Gif From Local Album. The first one lets you create a GIF almost immediately using the device camera, while the second option gives us access to GIFs created by other users. For From Local, from here we can create a GIF from the images stored in the gallery, while the Gif Album option simply shows the Gifs we’ve createSetting-app-android-para-Gif[1]

So basically we have two ways to create a GIF with this application, however, before that, the first thing to do is get the menu settings (Setting) application, at the bottom of the home screen, and then set the number of frames or frames for our GIF. You can choose to create a GIF with 10 or 60 frames.Creando-Gif-con-Gif-Camera-[1]

We choose in this case an average amount and then will click the “Back” button in the upper left corner of the screen and then the home screen press in the “Make Gif” option.With this camera we will enable our Android phone and the following will simply click on the camera icon located at the bottom center to start capturing images.Editar-Gif-en-Android[1]

We can just make a pass with the camera from side to side to simulate panning or only capture a particular action. The reality is left to the imagination of each user and their creativity. Once the images are captured, almost instantly we are shown the animated GIF, along with all the pictures that form.Generando-Nuevo-Gif[1]

From this screen you can eliminate those that do not want, and adjust the speed shown using a slider that sits at the bottom. If you are satisfied with the results only have to click on the “Save” option in the upper right corner to save the GIF in the phone memory.


The other option for creating a GIF GIF on Android with Camera is equally simple, but in this case the animated image will be created from the images you have in your phone’s gallery. Then just press the “From Local” option, then select the images you want included in the GIF.


Once done will click the “Done” button in the upper right corner of this screen and as with the other method, we will have our animated GIF a few seconds and can adjust speed, delete images and save it phone memory.


Final result:


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