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How to download YouTube videos to your Android

Posted In HOW TO DO! - By DailyAndroidNews on Monday, June 24th, 2013 With No Comments »


In this new release we released a very useful program, and thanks to him we may download any video from the net, in the quality you want and even audio only unburden. Ideal to have our favorite videos on any mobile device, whether smartphone or tablet.

Insurance you all know (and you use) an application to get off the computer these YouTube videos right?Well, now we bring you a simple application that allows you to do the same but with your Android device, and with a few interesting features.

TubeMate is a veteran Android application that allows us, in a simple and fast, unburden those videos (or audio only) on our smartphone or tablet. So we can benefit from free Wi-Fi for later quietly watch these videos

We can not find this app on Google Play, so we’ll have to descargárnosla directly from their website . For this reason also we have to check the “unknown sources” in order to install it (you can find it inSettings> Security ).

tubemate-downloader tubemate-youtube-google-play


Once downloaded and installed the application, every time we click on a link that leads to YouTube, as an option we will use TubeMate , unless we put as the default application, you can too. When you open the browser, or by going directly to the application, we give you the option to watch the video or download.


If we choose the second option, you will see a green arrow on the bottom of the screen and clicking on it, a window will pop up with different video resolutions that we can lose , including the option to unburden audio only format mp3 .



Selected download the desired shape, it is done automatically. If the download is interrupted, to resume the application will ask if you want to download it from scratch or taking advantage of the already discharged. If you choose the first option, TubeMate delete temporary files first attempt, preventing our device to fill temporary garbage.

Of course, we can view this file so our favorite video application. Furthermore, the interface can search any video TubeMate as if we were to look directly at YouTube.

Definitely a great choice. I’ve been using a long time and is one of my essential apps? do you think ? ?

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