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How to make a backup of an Android phone on Google Cloud

Posted In HOW TO DO! - By DailyAndroidNews on Sunday, September 29th, 2013 With No Comments »

Change mobile phone can be incredibly frustrating since you have all contacts, settings and data stored on your old phone.Will you have prepared your new phone quickly and easily instead of sitting with the two devices and transfer manually every bit of information. Google Android phones with version 2.2 or higher can make backups on Google’s Cloud servers, which can then be restored on any Android device you log in with your Google Account.


Level of difficulty:Easy


  1. Click the home icon button on your phone. Press the button on the icon in the list and then click “Settings” on the touch screen.
  2. Scroll to “Privacy” and then put a check on “Back up my data” to enable Google backup Cloud. Put a check in “Automatic restore” if you want Google to place the data stored on the new phone when you sign in with your user and password from Google.
  3. Press the back button twice to exit the menu “Settings”. The data will take several minutes to make a backup of the information. Not all applications are copied with Google Cloud, but those that have been created by Google and coding using backup Google Cloud data stored in Google servers. The backup restore contacts, Wi-Fi passwords, Internet bookmarks, added words to your dictionary key and a list of applications installed on the phone.

Tips and Warnings

The Google backup will not save text messages. If this is something you need, you can find applications in the Android Market that will backup your SMS messages

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