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How to prevent children from downloading applications on Android

Posted In HOW TO DO! - By DailyAndroidNews on Sunday, October 13th, 2013 With No Comments »

Any smartphone that uses the system Google Android mobile operating comes with the “Market” (market) installed. From this application, Android users can download apps free and paid to your device. While there is no default to block a user from downloading apps, ironically, you can download one that prevents it.

Image google_play.png

  1. Touch the icon “Market” on your Android device home screen. Select the icon “Search” type “Protector” in the space provided and turn on the “Search” button to find the application
  2. Touch Protector Option in the list of search results. Click on the “Install” button and confirm you want to install the application.
  3. Touch the application icon “Protector” once installation is complete open. Follow the screen instructions to configure. During this process you will create a pin number and provide an email address for password recovery.
  4. Press the “Menu” button on the Android device and tap the “Settings” to see the Protector Application preferences, once you have completed the process of configuration.
  5.  Touch the “Installing the Application Protect” to place a check mark next to it. With this option checked, you cannot download applications without the pin from your Android Protector.

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