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How to remove ads from Android Samsung Galaxy S3

Posted In HOW TO DO! - By DailyAndroidNews on Monday, December 23rd, 2013 With No Comments »

Although for many it is a business, and partly his way of life, there is no doubt that advertising is users can sometimes be a little annoying. Also, in regards to mobile technology is now beginning to work in earnest to be fully adaptive, which is not yet. But that, as in the case of the Samsung Galaxy S3 may have come to an end with the listings in Android.

As indicated above, many users take time trying to figure out how to get rid advertising on their Android handsets, although the solution may have come, at least for those with a Samsung Galaxy S3 in his hands. Although last spring Google ad banned blocked in their apps, there are possibilities to do so.

Image Samsung-Galaxy-S3-white-blue-550x275.jpgIt can be done through a series of steps that have below. First you have to download any app lock , despite Google’s policy against ad blockers, you can still download and install applications as AdBlock, Adaway and other applications.

A Samsung Galaxy S3 without advertising

Once done, you have to make sure to allow the installation or downloading from unknown sources in the device , so that they can download apps outside the Google Play. This is done through the terminal configuration.

The next step is to uninstall or buy the app to trigger ads, thus uninstalling applications that generate effectively removes ads Android ads. Moreover, some of them may also be removed by purchasing the application. If there is a problem, you can install AirPush Detector or similar programs to determine the source of the ads.

Finally, the downloaded application is activated and there will be more announcements of Android when the application is active. As mentioned at the beginning of the text, there are two conflicting positions on the one hand the users who feel invaded your terminal with so much publicity, and secondly, the developers of apps and whose gain is through advertising. Anyway, I have the Samsung Galaxy S3 and do not want more publicity, to know what they can do.

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