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How to run Android Market on Coby Kyros

Posted In HOW TO DO! - By DailyAndroidNews on Sunday, January 5th, 2014 With No Comments »

The Coby Kyros is a cheap Android tablet running an open source version of Android not approved not containing the Google Android Market, an app store where users can download applications for free or for a small fee. You can add the Android MarketOfficial Android installing a ROM containingStore Application official from Google on your Kyros Tablet, adding an element of your device missing functionality in its factory default.

How to run Android Market on Coby Kyros

Coby Kyros Tablet



  1. Click “Settings” and then “Applications”. Select “Unknown sources” option and choose “Development”. Click “Debug USB” and select “Enable.” Click the “Start” button and returns to the initial screen.
  2. Click “Settings” and “Wireless Networks”. Check the “Wi-Fi” option. Press “Wi-Fi Settings”. Select your wireless Internet network in the list of available networks. Enter your security password if you order it.
  3. Insert your microSD card into the microSD card adapter and then connect the adapter to your computer. Click “Open folder to view files” when prompted. A window opens.
  4. Download z4root is an application that will unlock your Kyros. Click and drag the downloaded file into the window of the microSD card you opened in the previous step file. Disconnect the adapter from the computer and insert the microSD card in your Kyros tablet.
  5. Click on “Device Manager” on your tablet. Choose “SD Card”. Click on the file to select z4root and click “Install.” Select “Open” when you’re done. Click on “Permanent Root”. The application will restore the device and then reboot the tablet when finished.
  6. Kyros tablet connects to your computer using the USB data cable.
  7. Insert the microSD in the adapter again and then connect the adapter to your computer.
  8. Download “recovery.img” an Android ROM in your computer. Copy the file to the microSD card, then removes the card from the computer and plug it back to the tablet.
  9. Reboot the tablet. The recovery image is on the microSD card will be charged. Click the “Start” button on the tablet to scroll down and select “Backup and restore”.
  10. Press the “Menu” button to select the entry and click again “Menu” to select “Backup”. On the next screen that appears, should be automatically selected “Restart”, otherwise use the “Start” button to highlight it. Press “Menu” to select the input. The tablet will reboot again and load the recovery image.
  11. Remove the microSD card from the tablet and reinsert the adapter and connect the adapter to the computer. Passion GAPPS File Download from MediaFire and copy it to the microSD card, and then connect the microSD card back to the tablet.
  12. Restart the Kyros tablet. The recovery image will load. Select “Install ZIP” and then press the “Menu” button. Select the zip file “gapps” and press “Menu” to select the file. Click again on “Menu” to confirm the selection . Wait until the screen says “Install from SD complete.”
  13. Select “Back” button. Highlight “Reset” and press “Menu”. The tablet will reboot and Google Android Market will be available.

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