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How to save battery on your Android

Posted In HOW TO DO! - By DailyAndroidNews on Wednesday, January 1st, 2014 With 2 Comments


  • If you root, use SetCPU . We explain how to set it here.
  • Test Screebl to save battery widget uses pantalla.Y Battery Left to know how many hours of battery life you have left.

We all love to have a super-phone capable of almost anything, but the first battery is always injured.With this guide I’ll try to give advice to try to maximize the life of your batteries without losing functionality on your Android. First of all read you another article we wrote on how to increase battery life .

First of all is to recommend the Extended Controls app already discussed here , and you’ll help enough then.


The first thing you should know is that what most battery spend a device is the screen . No matter the type of screen that is, although the AMOLED and Super-AMOLED consume less, still consume much. A little trick is to turn off automatic brightness that comes by default and set it to a low value, which is good enough to see the screen. The days I do a lot of sun, the brightness up to see better. If you have Android 2.1 or 2.2 will have animated, very nice and groovy funds but battery drain, I recommend you have a static wallpaper . Another good thing that comes off are the animation system , is done from settings -> display and you will save a little battery.

Having control widgets on your desktop for me is essential, as this will access to system functions in a single “click”. A good use of these widgets can be disable GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi when not in need , thereby saving.

Another thing you have to consider is how often applications are synchronized the less time updating more often connects to servers requesting information. I have such instant and Twitter GMail and Weather every hour.

Topic 2G-3G-WiFi

Indeed the 3G uses a lot more battery than 2G because you need more power to signal and look for access points. That if connection-mode (ie browsing) 2G uses more power than 3G and therefore lower your battery. Similarly, if you do nothing you consume more than WiFi 3G but intense connection mode, the GSM consumes more than WiFi. In short, look at this table.

How to save battery on your Android

Many people will recommend Task Killers to kill processes that you are not using, but this is already a more personal issue. I really do not I recommend it , because the design of Android system itself is responsible for managing resources and terminate processes when they really are not used, so if we walk all the time with the Task Killer, closing applications and processes , all we get is spend more battery than the system reopened for use when needed. But I say that this is something very personal.

A good tip I can give is to not use the phone when the battery is very hot and you download before, and to wait a bit to turn all things to load before use. It is also advisable to occasionallyspend the whole battery and a full charge .

A method for calibrating the battery well (if for example by disconnecting the charger you put 95% or so instead of 100%) is this taken from XDA-developers , in principle for HTC Desire / Nexus One but as discussed works on any Android.

“Connect your phone on the charger, wait until the notification LED is green. Disconnect the charger and turn it off, reconnect the phone to the charger until the LED turns green. Disconnect and turn the phone, when you turn completely turn it off and reconnect the charger until the LED turns green. After that I use it normally. “

This is only necessary to do this once and only if the battery calibrated wrong . The original thread we have here .

Well, these are my tips a little to try to maximize the battery in everyday use, more than anything is to have a bit careful with the things we have active and try to use them only when necessary.

Do you guys do that so the battery will last longer?

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  1. John says:

    To save battery I recommend to all of the following, depending on supplement to the article:

    -Uninstall aplicacioens battery saving.
    guys will wonder why? Simple, why you intend to use an app that works 24 hours the smartphone remains, if you can do it manually and better? When you’re in school or laburo off 3G and turn off Wi-Fi when the screen, you can turn it to unlock it (using either a widget or from Settings)

    -Do not use Taskiller (as explained in the post)
    -If you Root reduces processor power to the minimum needed to lower energy use (usually to use WhatsApp, Maps and player at a time between 500 and 600). I just WhathsApp use and my Sony Walkman Live and have the maximum power processor 500 and go luxury. You can get applications to control CPU power searching the Play Store, and you appear several CPU, which elejas depends on your taste.

    -Use if you use 2G;
    instatánea-messaging clients and run (gmail, mail, etc)
    for tasks that require more switched on to use 3G data.

  2. Kevin says:

    Very good information has helped me a lot, but I have a little problem with my lg gt540, is that I can not carry it off to connect the charger turns itself on as if he had commanded. I have android 2.3.7, I tried to fix it but I could not appreciate much of their collaboration

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