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How to take a Screenshot on an LG Optimus?

Posted In HOW TO DO! - By DailyAndroidNews on Wednesday, January 1st, 2014 With No Comments »

Nowadays,  one of the most used aspects  in our Smartphone is to  make a screenshot. In many cases this may be a protected image and may not be downloaded, or simply we are reading or viewing something on our screen and we want to keep it or send it to someone. When a snapshot is crucial, QMemo becomes your ideal companion. With this application you can make a screenshot at any time and just make notes with your finger.

Still, always good command or other ways to make a “screenshot”, and therefore we will explain two other ways that can not yet had known:

How to take a Screenshot on an LG Optimus?

How to take a Screenshot on an LG Optimus?

The first way , work with the Optimus  L5, L7 and L9  and bearing system  Ice Cream Sandwich , and is as simple as pressing the following keys:

Press the Power button, while also tightens the volume down button, it will automatically create a folder called gallery “ScreenShots” where you can see all the screenshots you make using this command.

The second way  is the most fun of all, just shaking our terminal. As you read it, you just need the free app Screenshot UX ,  this will be moving quickly to capture our Optimus LG.

The first thing to do is enter the Google Play and look for the free app of  Screenshot UX , once downloaded and installed, you click on it to open it. Now, activate the “option to screenshot Shake “(left image), and so every time the phone will shake, next menu shown in the image on the right.

Then we’ll just clicking the floppy disk icon (save), and the image is saved in a folder in gallery called ” Screenshots “.

Within the app you will also see the option that says “Top Most camera button” (left), by selecting that automatically times at a camera icon on your screen (right) appears to them, so that at any time you can press to take a screenshot.

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