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How to transfer your iTunes library to an Android device

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It could be as simple: connect your Android smartphone to your computer and drag the songs just over. But as soon as you try to copy iTunes music from your Mac or Windows PC to your android, you will find that this does not work easily. We provide a few apps that it works.

Sync via USB and Wi-Fi
Synchronization consists of two components: the Android app and a setup on the computer on which your iTunes library is located. The installation file can be found on the website of the developer. Most applications are compatible with Windows and Mac.

Your android you can connect either via USB or Wi-Fi to your computer. This is depending on the app and your options. In general, the Windows computer recognizes your smartphone automatically after you have it connected via USB cable. When you first connect the computer it automatically installs the correct driver. This requires an internet connection. Only on Windows 8, it could still come to problems, the appropriate drivers are available to all devices. Some applications also offer you the ability to synchronize data transfer via MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) without additional device drivers between the computer and the device.


With iSyncr [1] You can transfer your iTunes collection via USB, MTP, or WLAN from a computer to your Android device. Would you like to copy only a playlist with up to 20 songs at once, the free Lite version is enough. With the full version for 2.99 euros you can sync multiple libraries, create different playlists and adjust the score your music and podcasts between devices.

Before first use you install on your computer the installation file [2] . In the top menu in the application you have three options: Connection via USB and WiFi as well as additional features that you under Tools find. These include exporting your playlists, the settings for synchronization and the media scanner for updates and purging old lists. Where the application is to store the data, you can specify in the settings. Do you have a memory card you can, in contrast to many Apple owners looking forward to plenty of space for music and videos. The synchronization is possible in both directions. iSyncr itself is not a music player, but you can use the free Rocket Music Player within the application [3] Download. However, this will only play audio files.

Opt for the transfer via WiFi, you will get from your mobile device to access your computer and can transfer the desired files. Did you connect your device via USB to the computer, opens a window on the desktop with your collection.You choose what you want on your device and press Sync . Loading the music goes smoothly and quite quickly both WLAN via USB. You can find the music in your player back then. Only the video podcasts there may be problems. Although iSyncr loads this also puts you in the video but music albums instead in Podcasts from, so you may have to look for it.

Figure 1: In the tool, you can export music, adjust, set, listen to music with the Rocket Music Player and manage playlists.

Figure 2: Synchronize the library via USB. On the computer select the appropriate directories and click Sync.


Figure 3: Not all files can be transferred to non-Apple devices. This is especially true for videos with DRM protection (see info box).

Copy protection (DRM)

With many applications from the PlayStore can be transferred to your androids both music and videos from iTunes. But there is one small catch.Many videos you buy from iTunes, have special protection, the so-called digital rights management protection (DRM). This means that only authorized devices can include only the devices from Apple, they can play.Since it is illegal to circumvent the copy protection, you can transfer to other devices that do not have DRM protection with the presented applications unfortunately only the films.


The free application DoubleTwist [4] will also synchronized your iTunes library with Android. Unlike iSyncr is equal to a player on board, which even reproduces videos correctly. First, you must reinstall the appropriate setup on your computer [5] . Then connect your device via USB to the computer. With the application of Air Sync DoubleTwist [6] it is possible to transfer music and video over WiFi to your android. However, this additional function fails with 4.99 euros. To connect your devices over Wi-Fi with one another, you get the app code, you first enter the computer ( Figure 4 ). You can find the code at any time in the application settings. Now you can either match the entire library or individual songs on your device Copy ( Figure 5 ). Even a streaming via Apple TV or Xbox is possible. For that you choose in the settings menu item AirTwist & AirPlay and activate the stream. The applications DoubleTwist fall through the tidy and iTunes like interface on ( Figure 6 ). If you have a memory card, you can specify it as the destination for your files. For the additional cost of 4.99 euros via in-app purchase you can future podcasts directly from the app subscribe.

Figure 4: Do you want to establish a wireless connection between Android device and your computer, enter the code here.

Figure 5: Look left your mobile device and select the music selection that you want to transfer there.

Figure 6: The summary page of DoubleTwist. To the left you come to the right settings and to your videos.

winamp-icon.png_reference[1]With Winamp you have on your android [7] as the computer [8] an extensive player you can sync with iTunes, among others. The basic version is free. To start the wireless synchronization, you must set the corresponding checkbox in the app settings. Alternatively, you can connect your device via USB. To transfer your music collection, you only need to drag the folder into the directory of your device connected to the computer. Winamp for Android offers a clear home page and the ability to look after free music. Other features you can add on in-app purchases, such as displaying song lyrics and improved audio playback.

Figure 7: Synchronize iTunes with Winamp, then you have all united in one collection.

Figure 7: Synchronize iTunes with Winamp, then you have all united in one collection.

Figure 8: Features of Winamp music player with the ability to synchronize with existing music libraries.

Figure 8: Features of Winamp music player with the ability to synchronize with existing music libraries.



The presented apps usually use backdoors in the iTunes software, which are often closed by an update. Play therefore not equal to each iTunes update immediately!

TuneSync and Tune Sync Home Stream


The app Tune Sync [9] syncs your iTunes library for 4.68 euros. For the testing of a free Lite version, which is limited to 20 songs and only a playlist.The procedure does not differ from the previous applications. To install from the developer side of the file on the PC [10] and the application on your android. Then you see on the android your iTunes library and specify which files you want to copy.

Do not want to store in the device, but only stream because your PC may currently located in the next room or the sound of your speakers androids better the music, this works fine on the App TuneSync Home Stream [11] . To set up the stream, pick up Wi-Fi connection to your computer and choose the appropriate songs. Even listening to it instead of on your computer from your smartphone or tablet. Unfortunately, the stream only works with audio files.

Figure 9: The summary page of Tune Sync fails quite spartan.

Figure 9: The summary page of Tune Sync fails quite spartan.

Figure 10: Connect the android to your computer and stream your collection from your smartphone or tablet device.

Figure 10: Connect the android to your computer and stream your collection from your smartphone or tablet device.


Your PC or Mac is at the other end of the room, but you just sit so comfortably and do not want to constantly get up to change the music? This is not a problem because the app Retune [12] You can repurpose your smartphone into a remote control. The only prerequisite is that you have registered your computer and the mobile device in the same wireless. Open iTunes on your computer. In the left menu list, you can select your device and enter a four digit code you see in the app on the smartphone. Now you can play music, videos, and podcasts easily and do not need it to get up again.

Figure 11: In the app, you know the code for the iTunes remote control.

Figure 11: In the app, you know the code for the iTunes remote control.

Figure 12: Choose iTunes left your mobile device, and enter the code.

Figure 12: Choose iTunes left your mobile device, and enter the code.


Figure 13: Overview of the remote control Retune.


A few songs on the PC, which on the iPod and the rest on your Android phone? This chaos is a thing of the past. You can now sync your music and have your collection wherever you go. Since Google is now music at the start, it has advantages if you can combine multiple music libraries with each other through these applications the same. Are you looking for a free program with which you can listen to your iTunes library under Android, DoubleTwist Player is the best choice. When you put on a wireless transmission value, however, it is a matter of taste which application you prefer. AirSync offers the most features and remembered by his appearance greatly to iTunes, but it is quite expensive. Even the cheaper programs get the job done quickly and reliably.

For a pure media center at home it is best to use the stream opportunities or your smartphone as a remote control. This will not take up any space on your android and save on time, but not listening.


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