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How to use Android applications on PC

Posted In HOW TO DO! - By DailyAndroidNews on Sunday, January 5th, 2014 With No Comments »

How to use Android applications on PC

Many times we read news about the most popular phones or utilities that are revolutionizing users and inspire us to try games. But what if we have no possibility of doing so? What if your mobile does not support them? What happens when the app in question is only developed for a OS different from ours? And if you do not even have mobile? It is not fair that we stay outside.

Fortunately, there are ways for us to enjoy them from our PC without us having to invest a single penny. Thus, we will have the opportunity to try all sorts of apps before installing them on our phones or use our devices even if no permit.In today’s article I will show how to use apps for Android in PC , which will provide access to some of the most popular tools and mobile entertainment world.

Before you start you need to know that this should download Bluestacks , the program will do the necessary magic to be able to run Android apps on your computer without any problems. Is that this tool is a “player apps”, which can be understood as a platform to “interpret” these applications to run them in Windows . Now, let’s see what this process is very simple.

Download, Installation and Getting Started

The first step you have to take, then, is to download Bluestacks, something they can do from the link below. After the download, you only have to run the installer and follow the instructions easy project for the same player is integrated into the system apps. Once done, open the program and should investigate a little.

Why this recommendation? Because if they choose to do so will meet first with the player application has some apps included in the default program. But it is also interesting to see that within no integration with Bluestacks Android shops, allowing them to instantly download applications, in the same way they would on a mobile.


However, this is not the only way to get the APK files (ie, executable through the apps are distributed). In fact, our site will find many of them, which may be used through the platform that we propose here. The best thing is to use, only need to make a handful of clicks.

Is that after downloading the APK from our site, the installer itself will lead to the folder where that file is downloaded. From there you can install the app on the player, since all content APK be associated with the program.In other words, they only need to double click the file to start the installation Bluestacks.


This process is automatic, which is the same as saying that after running the APK, the installation will be done without your intervention. When it is finished, you only have to go to my player and locate the My Apps section . There all the applications that are installed, where you will find the recently added are listed. A click on the run icon in the window, where they can use it as if it were running on a mobile.

Additional Considerations

Finally, it is important to note that may intersect with the occasional inconvenience when using Bluestacks. Is that such a platform is still in beta phase , ie, is in development and will take some work to be completed. This means that at times the platform freezes or does not respond.

Likewise, you can also say that there are some compatibility issues with certain applications. This will mean that they can not try all the apps they want, because the basis used Bluestacks (ie, the underlying “Android structure”) system is not the latest version.

Finally, my suggestion is to install Bluestacks on a computer with a dedicated graphics card (ie those that are not integrated with the motherboard). Thus a more fluid and ensure superior performance. So, you can enjoy all of the most popular Android apps and try everything they have to offer.

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