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HP To Adopt Android As They Seek To Re-Enter The Mobile Market

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Thursday, February 14th, 2013 With No Comments »

HP Android

Here’s a rather interesting story for your Thursday afternoon.  It looks as though HP is going to take another run at the mobile market.  However, instead of using their own software that they purchased a while back, WebOS, they’re going to adopt Android instead.  This is definitely a bold move on HP’s part but we all know they’ve been tinkering with Android for years now as a few Android powered HP TouchPads made their way into the public.

It seems that the focus will be on tablets, at least to begin with, with a Tegra 4 powered device expected to launch sometime this year.  It’ll definitely be interesting to see what kind of product HP can pull together.  It’s currently pretty difficult to make a mark in a tablet industry dominated by Apple and even harder to make any sort of impact in the Android realm as there are tablets galore available.  One thing that HP could do that I could see being extremely enticing is a Android/Windows hybrid.

Asus has already showed off one of their hybrid attempts in the Transformer AIO, however that’s definitely more a desktop than a tablet.  Some sort of hybrid tablet or, better yet, a hybrid laptop would definitely catch this writers attention.  As much as I love Android, I still do need Windows for a good number of things.  To have both in one would be  my ideal machine.

What are you guys’ thoughts about this move by HP?  Should HP re-enter the race have their previous failures already shut them out?

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