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HTC First To Be De-Facebooked And Launched As The M4

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Friday, April 5th, 2013 With No Comments »


HTC and Facebook announced their new phone yesterday, the HTC First.  This phone is the first in possibly a series of Facebook experience phones to be launched by the Social Media giant.  Overall it looks like a decent phone to me but I really don’t see the necessity of a Facebook phone.

And it seems that just in case the First flops, HTC won’t let the hard work of putting this phone together go to waste as they may be planning to de-Facebook the First, throw an Ultra-Pixel camera, and launch it as the HTC M4.  Besides the camera, everything else should be the same but the software will of course be skinned with Sense.

The picture above may or may not be the M4.  The picture surfaced back in February and doesn’t seem to be tied to any other device at the moment.  It also is the same shape and size as the First so it’s possible but we’re not guaranteeing anything.

Which would you guys prefer?  The First or the M4?  Facebook or Sense?


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