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HTC One Available From Telus April 19th

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Telus has announced today via Twitter that it would be launching the HTC One in stores on April 19th. They did not offer any pricing details but we would suspect it is the same as the $149.99 on a three year term that Rogers has already posted.

It would also not be unreasonable to expect all other carriers who will be selling the One to begin selling it on the same date. The timing fits with predictions of a late April launch that coincides with the US launch for AT&T and Sprint.  It appears that the announced delays as a result of component shortages and unprecedented demand have been worked out and HTC is going full steam ahead with their flagship device.

This will also put the launch of the HTC One ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S4 which makes business sense for HTC as it will have the jump on sales. We will be sure to bring you more carrier specific and pricing details as they come in but I suspect pricing will be similar to other high end flagship device launches.

How many of you are planning on getting the HTC One? Or are you waiting to get some hands on experience with it and the SG4 before you decide?

Update: Rogers has also just announced an April 19th release date for the HTC One and confirmed the $149.99 3-year term price point. Expect the other carriers to do the same shortly.

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