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HTC One Car app arrives powered by Nuance

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Friday, April 19th, 2013 With No Comments »

Along with news of the HTC One coming available with select US carriers, it looks like we are also seeing some other details on the handset. For example, Nuance has released some details about how they are powering the HTC Car app that is available on the One. The aim here is to allow people to safely use a phone while in the car, of which Nuance has said the app helps keep users “intelligently connected” while behind the wheel.


More to the point though, the HTC Car app will allow users to remain hands-free. Some of the HTC Car app features touch on text-messaging, music and navigation. The hands-free text messaging portion allows users to have incoming text messages read aloud and also reply back without having to pick up or even look at the phone. Simply put, this should help to keep users and perhaps more important, those around the users, quite a bit safer. The HTC Car app, thanks to Nuance, brings support for 20 languages.

Comments from Thomas Ho, director, product division, HTC touched on how users “crave connectivity and access everywhere they are” and also went on to talk about how the HTC Car app was “designed to keep consumers connected to people.” We can only hope those choosing to pick up a One will take advantage of the Car app while they are driving.

Otherwise, in addition to powering the HTC Car app on the One smartphone, Nuance previously announced a partnership with ZTE. That news came out of CES, back in early January, and included details of functionality similar to that of the One. Basically, ZTE tapped Nuance to power their Car Mode app.

[via Business Wire]

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