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HTC One Render Show Up In Black Too

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Friday, February 15th, 2013 With No Comments »

HTC One White-Black

I’m still extremely curious as to which HTC One (aka M7) is the real one (no pun intended!).  And I’m really on the fence as to which one I prefer.  While I like the render above, I reminds me a lot of the new iPhone, almost too much.  I can already hear all the Apple fans crying foul about how HTC is now copying their phone and frankly I prefer not having those arguments all the time.  Nevertheless, we have only 4 more days before we know for sure.

In the mean time, another render has surfaced of the HTC One.  However, this time it is in splashed in a beautiful black.   Other than that things look exactly the same as other previous renders of the phone.  What do you guys think is the real One?  Which do you prefer: iPhone-esque or mini Droid DNA?

On a side note, as I’m looking again at this render I can’t help but notice that those backgrounds (if that’s what it is) look very Windows 8 tile-ish.  And as I continue to stare at the photo I can’t help but think that this is some sort of franken-phone with an iPhone design, Windows Phone Background, and Android launcher.  Just a random thought for the post.


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