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HTC Said To Be Working On A 7″ Tablet

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Saturday, June 1st, 2013 With No Comments »

HTC Flyer

It looks like LG isn’t the 0nly one looking to re-enter the great tablet war as latest new reports are stating that HTC is also looking to release a tablet this year.  HTC had released a pair of tablets back in the day which, in my opinion, were pretty good.  I played around with both of them here and. for their time. they were definitely strong contenders.  The key differentiating feature of these tablets was an active stylus, not much different than the S-Pen on the Galaxy Note devices, that allowed for a very fluid writing and drawing experience.  However, due to their rather high price tag (not to mention the pricey stylus that had to be purchased separately) they never became a hit with the public and HTC eventually gave up on them.

Fast forward to today and we have HTC in the midst of some struggles but definitely on the right path to regain some of their former glory.  Their HTC One has been a hit and their rumoured future devices all look very solid.  Now, according to Bloomberg, HTC is also planning a new tablet as part of their plan to get back to the top.  The tablet is expected to be a 7 incher and will launch alongside a 7″ Windows RT Tablet.

There’s not details as to specs or pricing but it is expected to come to market sometime in September/October.  It’ll definitely be interesting to see what HTC puts together as the 7″ tablet market is super competitive and you need to price it right or you’re already out of the game.  The price is the part that I’m most interested in as HTC tends to use pricier build materials than its competitors for its devices.  So how do you create a low cost premium device without bleeding money?  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see plus this is all still rumour at this point.


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