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HTC’s One Max And Samsung’s Note 3 Pose Side By Side

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Thursday, September 19th, 2013 With No Comments »

One Max Note 3 - 1

As you all know by now, I’m a big phablet fan and I’m extremely excited this year as the phablet wars have really taken off with Sony and HTC joining the party.  Up till now, the Galaxy Note was the only solid option for phablet, but this year I have a tough decision to make when choosing my next phone.  Do I go with the Note 3 (the old reliable), the HTC One Max(the beautiful masterpiece) , or the Xperia Z Ultra (the behemoth!).

Even though I always feel like bigger is better when talking about screen size, the phone does still need to fit in my hand.  I haven’t had a chance to actually use any of these devices yet so I’ve been trying to figure out the sizes based on pictures and what not.  I have seen the Xperia Z Ultra in the flesh and it’s massive, but I still really like it.  And now, thanks to these pictures, I believe I finally have a good idea how big the other two guys will be.

In the photos, you’ll see the Note III and HTC One Max pictured together.  The Note III is supposed to be roughly the same size as the Note II so I have a good idea how big that guy is.  And now judging from the photos, the One Max seems to match up pretty well to the Note in terms of width but it does appear to be a little bit longer due to those dual front facing speakers.  It appears to be a touch thicker as well but the curved back should definitely help in making it comfortable to hold.

I still have no idea which one will finally make it to my pocket but hopefully I’ll get a chance to at least review all three of them in the near future.  Any of you guys struggling as much as me to decide on a new phablet?

One Max Note 3 - 3
One Max Note 3 - 2


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