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Humble Mobile Bundle 2 augmented, adds 3 games and an eBook

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Thursday, October 3rd, 2013 With No Comments »

The countdown for the Humble Bundle‘s second Android campaign is nearing its last stretch but apparently there was still some time to squeeze in some new items in the list. New to the list are 3 games as well as a behind-the-scenes game design ebook, bringing the total count to 9 Android games, 6 game soundtracks, and one eBook.


For those still unfamiliar with the Humble Bundle system, the concept is quite simple. You decide how much you want to pay for a collection of games and bonus content. You also get to decide how to split that cash between the game developers, Child’s Play charity, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. However, if you pay more than the set average amount indicated on the bundle page, you get access to some more games and content.

The Humble Mobile Bundle 2 just launched last week and already made 128,284 purchases. Now, the organizers have added some more pieces that can be unlocked by paying more than the average. Included in this new set is the popular side-scrolling classic Karateka. But not only that, the bundle will also include an eBook that describes the design and thinking that went into developing this classic game. Those who already purchased the bundle will automatically get these new items as long as they paid more than the average.

With 9 Android games and an average amount of $4.75, the bundle might be quite a deal, at least for those who don’t own the games yet. There’s still 6 more days to go before the deal closes, plenty of time to decide. You might want to try out the Humble Bundle Android app along the way as well.

SOURCE: Humble Bundle

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