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If You Have Android 4.2, Get DashClock Widget Now

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Monday, February 25th, 2013 With No Comments »


Okay, one of the reasons I ditched my six-month old HTC One X this past week for a Nexus 4 was to be able to write articles like this. Yes, I know Cyanogen ROMs are coming available (slowly) for various devices, but it would seem the HTC One X is not on any developer’s priority list.

One of the first things I noticed about Android 4.2 in my new phone was the ability to add lock screen widgets, something I had read about, but didn’t really pay much attention to as it didn’t really pertain to my phone. Although I like that I can configure the phone to see a clock widget on one page, scroll to the next page and see my calendar, scroll to the next page and see the Google Now widget, etc., I’ve never really been a fan of scrolling to different pages to see my widgets. I know I’m probably in the minority, but I am the kind of Android user that prefers widgets that include multiple functions, something that can do more than one thing in a small amount of space.

As such, I was pleased to find out this week about DashClock Widget. What it is is a widget that can display your clock, local weather information, missed calls and text messages notifications, upcoming calendar appointments, gmail inbox info, and scheduled alarms. What’s more, this thing can be configured with extensions, something that’s already starting to take off on the Play store. Although the widget is intended to be used for the lock screen, it can also be added to one of your homescreens as a normal widget.

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The best part of the widget is that it is available for free on the Play store. Get this widget now – there really is no reason not to.


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