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iHeartRadio app for Android users gets updated

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Friday, April 5th, 2013 With No Comments »

If you’re a fan of listening to streaming radio stations, you may be familiar with the iHeartRadio application. This application allows you to listen to broadcast radio stations in your local area and from all around the country using your Android smartphone. Earlier this week the application was updated to a new version bringing some cool new features.


The new features include one called “Perfect For” that let you discover and play stations that are perfect for any activity, mood, or situation. You can choose stations that are “perfect for” things like working, driving, studying, or exercising. The app also has a new alarm clock feature.

The new Alarm Clock feature allows users to set their smartphone alarm clock or reminders to alert or wake you up to your favorite music or the streaming radio station of your choice. That means when you’re on vacation, you can still wake up to your local radio show if it’s on the app.

The app still has all the old features including the ability to pick an artist or song to create your own commercial free custom station. The app offers a catalog of 15 million songs from 400,000 different artists. The best part about the streaming application and the service is that there is no cost, it’s free to download the app and free to use the service.

[via Google Play]

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