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Ingress update rolls out to agents, new achievement profile unlocked

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Friday, September 13th, 2013 With No Comments »

The developers behind the popular yet also mysterious geolocation-based game Ingress has just announced an update to their Android app that will provide its Agents, what the game calls its players, not only bug fixes and improvements for a smoother experience, but also a new feature that will let them analyze the abilities of other Agents.


For those unfamiliar with the augmented reality game, Ingress revolves around a fictional and mysterious energy simply called “XM”. Players are divided into two factions competing for control of XM: the “Enlightened” who try to collect the power for the benefit of mankind, and the “Resistance” who try to protect humanity. The Ingress app acts as the interface, map, and tracker that will let Agents all over the world find and claim the mysterious energy for their faction.

Aside from the usual bevy of fixes and polishes, the new update brings a new feature to the game. A new AGENT tab has been added that displays the skills and abilities of agents. The profile now implements an achievement system familiar to gamers including a Guardian achievement for maintaining control of an energy portal for a prolonged period, a Hacker badge for hacking portals, and an Explorer title for visiting and hacking certain portals.

Version 1.35.1 of the Ingress scanner app is now available on Google Play Store and should be arriving on agents’ devices soon, if you’re already a player. If not, Ingress is still unfortunately in closed beta and requires an invite in order to join.

Download: Ingress on Google Play Store
SOURCE: Ingress

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