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Instagram for Android gets photo straightening and additional video controls

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Thursday, October 10th, 2013 With No Comments »

An updated Instagram app is heading to the Play Store. The update was announced today by way of the official Instagram Twitter account and brings mention of photo straightening as well as some additional control options in terms of videos.


Simply put, after capturing an image, you will now be able to straighten it up a little bit. And if nothing else, this could save you from messing up a picture, or realizing you wanted it angled slightly different and having to delete and start over. Shifting over to the video improvements and those include sound and data usage controls.

These two should both help the overall Instagram Video experience regardless if you are more of a watcher or more of a recorder. Anyway, while announced on Twitter, the updated changelog has yet to appear in the Play Store listing. We are hoping to see a bit more of a breakdown, but are happy to not have seen any mention of in-feed advertisements just yet.

If you remember back, Instagram announced earlier in the month that they were getting ready to begin placing advertisements in users feeds. At the time the official word was that they were coming sometime in the “next couple months.” Perhaps as this was announced in October and we have yet to make it to November, the folks at Instagram are either not ready or feel it is a bit soon.

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